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Snorkel4x4 offers the Professional great advantages


For Bravo Snorkel trademark products and as the official representatives in Europe, we offer interesting discounts and special conditions for resellers and distributors, which will be only applied to those professionals specialized in the 4x4 vehicle sector.


Even offering an excellent price for end users, Bravo Snorkel range kits and Donaldson prefilters have interesting discounts depending on the quantity ordered.

So both occasional professionals as well as workshops and large off-road equipment distributors will have significant profit margins, helping the development of their activity.

In Snorkel4x4 we apply the same conditions to all professionals, having minimum sales prices to be respected by all customers to avoid unfair competition.


As with retail orders on our website, we keep free shipping for professionals in all EEC countries except special destinations (Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Madeira, etc.), where the cost will depend on export procedures.

With these free shipping conditions, the unit price per product could be taken as a delivery price in professional facilities; we also offer dropshipping to the end user’s delivery address, even without origin documentation to save expenses and delivery time.

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