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All of our prices include free shipping to EEC European Economic Community countries and destinations (except Malta and Cyprus). This lets us homogenize our product prices across the Community market to reach all customers without discrimination.

For European countries outside EEC such as Switzerland, Andorra, Norway, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the cost will be calculated in the shopping basket, as well as for special destinations such as Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, Azores and Madeira. In case of tariffs and duties in these destinations, the expenses will be charged to the customer.


For intercontinental destinations, we will charge transport fees in every case once the shopping basket is confirmed and the destination address is set; then we will send you a link with the total cost of the purchase including transport taxes so that you proceed with the purchase or not.

The Bravo Snorkel range maintains the manufacturer's 5 year warranty and will be sold only if there is no exclusive dealer in destination. Chinese Snorkel products will only have a 1-year warranty, and, should the application of the warranty require transport, the cost will always be met by the customer.