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Stock Masivo

Massive Stock

For years we have worked with massive stock for all our catalogue references, especially the Bravo Snorkel range, of which we are the official dealer in Europe.

The orders received each day from individual customers and, especially, the larger ones made by professionals, mean that we have an average of over 3,000 kits available for immediate shipping.

With this we get:

1. Trust: of our professional customers who offer our products to their customers, with the tranquillity of knowing it is available if the order is confirmed.

2. Satisfaction: of the purchasers who buy on our platform, knowing that the product they order is truly in stock for its immediate shipping.

3. Speed: in order management due to independence from other companies or warehouses in shipping and delivery to the end user as soon as possible.

Reception and shipments are made to all our customers worldwide from our central platform of Europe in Girona (Spain).

It is without doubt one of our strong points, especially the fact that import/dealer companies nowadays do not want to accumulate stocks in their warehouses as it is expensive – a load we bear in order to offer you the best service always.