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How to purchase

3 easy steps to buy your goods with total confidence:

  • 1. SEARCH
    Find the products and the different categories in the menu or use the search engine to go directly to the items you need. Learn about the product's specifications and make sure it is compatible with your vehicle to avoid incorrect purchases.
  • 2. ADD
    Select quantity and add your goods to your shopping basket and obtain the summary of your order by pressing the CONFIRM key located in the top right section in the access to your shopping basket.
  • 3. CONFIRM
    Check your products. In case you want to add products, click Continue shopping. When your shopping basket is complete, press the CONFIRM ORDER key and follow all the steps. Fill in the required information to finalize the order process.

To pay for your goods, you have to register as a client. You can register at the same time you shop and follow the steps that are shown to finalize the order process.

If you are already a client, enter and identify yourself and follow the steps indicated to finalize the order process.

Your order will be saved and can be viewed whenever you wish to check your purchase history. Your account > View my order details.

Our online store offers very precise detailed information about our products.