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SNORKEL4x4.com is a professional company that takes its commitments very seriously, with 7 years’ experience specializing in snorkel distribution for 4x4 vehicles in Europe and other continents.


We began our activity at the end of 2009 with great effort and enthusiasm by launching the Snorkels.es website. The firm conviction we have in the advantages of prefilters and the desire to bring these accessories to everyone initiated this project that is nowadays so large.

A team of off-road lovers since the 80s with extensive experience in all kind of 4x4 trips and adventures was formed and, after setting objectives, we laid the strong foundations and future projection necessary to establish this company.

During all this time we have gained the knowledge essential to develop our activity, and what is more important, we have set up a network of customers and friends which has let us turn our greatest passion into a fortunate profession from the very first day.

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Our tailor-made facilities in southern Europe are connected with a complete road distribution network which allows us to offer our customers a speedy and efficient delivery service. The closeness to the Port of Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea for import and export makes our location a strategic point.

We are the reference for specialized snorkel distribution in Europe, with an extensive product catalogue for all vehicles and different qualities according to our customers’ needs.

With over 3,000 snorkel kits currently stocked, we are the largest distributor worldwide in volume, maximum availability to supply our customers' orders and, particularly, professionals.

We will keep growing alongside with you, thank you for your support and trust, which have helped us to get where we are today.

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