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Approvals and certificates


Modification, substitution, addition or dismantling of a vehicle’s part according to the European vehicle regulation (EC Directive 2007/46/CE emitted by the European Parliament) may involve the need for homologation. To homologue is to contrast the vehicle’s assembly with the regulation applied to it and verify if the new one complies with European Regulations.

Each European country applies its own interpretation, which will be slightly modified in each territory according to its geography and climate, but maintaining the most important concepts.

At the European level, to get a snorkel approval, it has to comply with the following regulations:

  • - 70/157/EEC - Vehicle Noise Emissions
  • - 70/220/EEC - Energy Related Emissions of Ozone Precursors
  • - 72/306/EEC - Exhaust Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles (if applied)
  • - 74/483/EEC - External Projections of Motor Vehicles
  • - 88/77/CEE - Diesel Emissions
  • - EC Regulation 715/2007 - Exhaust Emissions Standards for Light Passenger and Commercial Vehicles
  • - EC Regulation 595/2009 - Exhaust Emissions Standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles

All Bravo Snorkel kits include a production certificate in agreement with the compliance of all European regulations together with the certificate of REINVAC Girona S.L. engineering to show compliance of all Bravo catalogue references.

Each user must be informed of the application of the regulations in their own country to find out if they need additional requirements to this certificate, which in every case should be handled by the user along with the entities in their region.

Chinese Snorkel products range does not have any certificate regarding these regulations.

Homologations in Spain


In the particular case of Spain, homologations on vehicle assembly are defined by R.D. 866/2.010, of 2nd July, emitted by the MINETUR the "Manual Reform Vehicle Importance". These homologations are done by modifying components for each chassis number, not permitting possible approval by range or generalized approval of these components by their manufacturers.

Engineering companies specializing in vehicle homologation along with specialized laboratories will emit the required documentation to carry out the modification inscription in the vehicle’s documents.

To that end, in SNORKEL4X4 we collaborate with REINVAC GIRONA S.L., a company with wide experience and expertise in vehicle and component homologation.

REINVAC manage two kinds of snorkel homologation (only for Spain) depending on whether the vehicle has additional accessories fitted to be legalized or not:


This is worthwhile both economically and in saving time processing, because, with a single project or report, every modification made to the vehicle is written in the vehicle’s documents. In the total cost of the approval, thanks to the collaboration of SNORKEL4X4, the snorkel homologation price will be deducted, implying free snorkel incorporation in such approval.

So, thanks to our collaboration with REINVAC engineering, we can say snorkel approval has no cost for anyone who has to approve other accessories, which is 95% of cases.

Our recommendation is to take advantage of it and do your 4x4 homologation at once!


Download the complete homologation form of the vehicle



When the snorkel is the only element to be inscribed in the vehicle’s document through an approval report. From REINVAC, and due to the collaboration agreement with SNORKEL4X4, we offer you unbeatable prices depending on the snorkel trademark:

  • BRAVO SNORKEL: For a very low price 49€ + VAT, by virtue of SNORKEL4X4 promotion as Bravo Snorkel official distributor to support the brand.
  • CHINESE SNORKEL: For just 69€ + VAT, and only for kits sold by SNORKEL4X4, low cost price compared to that offered by other Spanish engineering companies for snorkel approval.


Download the Snorkel homologation form