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Advantages of the snorkel


Off-road 4x4 vehicle use in excursions and adventure trips, and also for industry or government entities, requires additional engine protection by these prefilters, called snorkel. The benefits they offer make them an essential in the basic equipment of every off-road vehicle in the conditions presented below:

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The snorkel keeps dust from getting into vehicle's original filter, maintaining engine performance aside from any breakages due to the entry of impurities.

This is achieved by the elevation of the air intake, where particle concentration is lower, away from the dust slipstream caused by the vehicle and the preceding ones in dirt or even on paved roads.

That will lead to a significant fuel saving, keep the filter clean and achieve a bigger airflow.

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Given the elevated position of the intake, we will considerably increase the fording capacity of the vehicle. In deep water use in crossing rivers or floods for rescue vehicles, the snorkel will allow the engine to operate under normal circumstances avoiding total breakage by water intake.

In order to achieve this, the user should check the perfect sealing and water tightness of all kit connections as well as the original elements of the vehicle, thus obtaining maximum engine protection.

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In addition, the snorkel will also improve performance on road due to a cleaner airflow and a lower temperature compared to the vehicle's original air intake.

With the front direction of the air intake and its higher section, there will be an additional pressure increase in admission obtaining an optimal flow for engine needs. This advantage will be easily noticeable in daily driving at average and high speeds, with improved performance and reduced fuel consumption.

For vehicle fleets


The snorkel is an essential accessory to consider when equipping a fleet regardless of size as the intensive use they will be subject to during their useful life will require special protection.

Companies use 4x4 vehicles for their daily work because the conditions they are driven in call for such features, which directly implies the intensive driving conditions detailed above.

Regarding the fleets, even for private companies or government entities, there is a decisive factor to keep in mind. Such organizations cannot afford to stop vehicle activities due to an engine reliability failure (private tourism companies, transport, public works, ranger works, etc.) or compromise general safety conditions (public vehicles such as ambulances, army, fire engines, etc.)

Therefore, considering the low economic investment involved in kit installation and the great advantages they bring, the snorkel will, without a doubt, be one of the first accessories to be installed in all vehicle fleets.

For Off-road lovers


Off-road trips and excursions of every level normally demand an adaptation of our 4x4 features, either for weekend get-aways or for the most intrepid adventures.

It will be up to every user to consider the uses they want to make of their vehicle and decide which accessories to fit and which priority to follow. In that sense, even on less demanding trips, the snorkel is one of the first accessories to install due to the low investment required. Once it is installed, you will immediately take advantage of every single benefit, even driving on road.

For lovers of off-road journeys, the maximum priority in preparations is the increase in the vehicle’s reliability, giving it enough ability and autonomy to face long routes in the toughest conditions. Thanks to the protection granted to our 4x4 engine, the snorkel is, with other elements, an essential part in any overland preparation pack.

And of course, extreme users in deep fords and in sporting trips or trials will always look for the protection of this great ally, the snorkel, to not stop their 4x4 or their enjoyment and passion!