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DONALDSON ORIGINAL HEAD CYCLONE 77mm (3'') 5 m3 View larger



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Original Donaldson Head cyclone

KIT: Includes stainless clamp
MATERIAL: Plastic and reinforced steel
BOWL: Removable to empty
PREFILTER: By centrifugal force
EFFECTIVENESS: 75% impurity
WARRANTY: 5 years

*An 89mm adapter is included for reference H000821

cyclone grill specifications

The Cyclone prefilters of the world’s leading air filter company, Donaldson, are the best product for quality and performance that exists nowadays. If you are looking for a strong and efficient prefilter for demanding use, it is without a doubt the right choice.

Donaldson is the pioneer brand in air filters, founded in the United States in 1915 by Frank Donaldson, committed to improving performance efficiency and air quality. Its products are used by a variety of professional sectors worldwide thanks to their leading air filtration technology and innovations presented up to now.

Produced in the United States and Germany in top quality plastic and reinforced steel, Donaldson Cyclone prefilters come in two product lines differentiated by their filtering system which will differ according to its use and purpose presented in two forms: Standard Cyclone and TopSpin.

Bravo Snorkel trusts the Donaldson Cyclone range to offer an unbeatable product given the great results and high satisfaction of their customers. Donaldson prefilters under Bravo Snorkel’s seal have a 5 year warranty, for both exhaustive and occasional off-road use as well as for any manufacturing malfunction.

Do not hesitate to equip your vehicle with a Donaldson Cyclone prefilter, your 4x4 engine will love it!

Find more about the applied regulations on snorkels approval in Europe, what we need to take into account and the certificates which include our products. Find here.

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