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Chinese quality Head Cyclone

KIT: Clamp not included
MATERIAL: ABS with top steel
BOWL: Removable to empty
PREFILTER: By centrifugal force
EFFECTIVENESS: 60% impurity
WARRANTY: 2 years for functional flaws

cyclone grill specifications

Our basic range Chinese Snorkel is produced by 4x4TLV, the best producer among the Chinese manufacturers for its wide catalogue and production capacity; also thanks to its meeting some minimum requirements accepted by a market sector.

The polyethylene used for its production comes from Thailand; with higher resistance than other copies made by fiber or ABS. The kits are also quite complete with acceptable components considering its low price.

Chinese Snorkel products have a 2 year warranty for severe manufacturing malfunctions under 4x4TLV producer’s approval with a restitution period according to Chinese importations. Other minor malfunctions such as deformations, defects or pores are not covered by the warranty as they are characteristic of the range.

No Chinese snorkel manufacturer issues a certificate for their kits, although some importers/resellers include fake invalid certificates with these products. In Snorkel 4x4, we distance ourselves from these malpractices and just include the invoice with your order.

Equip your 4x4 with the best Chinese snorkel for just a really low investment!

Find more about the applied regulations on snorkels approval in Europe, what we need to take into account and the certificates which include our products. Find here.

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